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The mission of the Friends of the North Hampton Public Library shall be to maintain an association of persons interested in enhancing the resources of the library, improving its facilities and enriching the cultural opportunities available to the residents of North Hampton.

The Friends are always happy to welcome new members and encourage anyone who would like to be more involved in the library to come to a meeting or to contact us. Contact us

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Friends of NHPL Meeting Minutes:

The Friends of the North Hampton Public Library
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Presiding Officer Vicki Jones called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. In attendance were Donna Etela, Hope Miller, Nancy Monaghan, Rick Stanton and Cynthia Swank (by phone), Donna hosted the meeting in the historic barn at her home, the former David Page House.
Both the Treasurer’s Report and the Minutes of the February 19, 2020 meeting were presented and approved unanimously, 6-0. Treasurer Cynthia Swank reported that with the closure of many museums, the Library bought just a couple passes in June and the cost for those will be rolled into our annual reimbursement next year, so there will be double charges for those passes.
Vicki opened discussion about the Annual Appeal, which usually begins in November. All agreed that due to the pandemic, the building project, high unemployment and the fact that most donations are less than $100, we should suspend the Annual Appeal this year. It was agreed residents will be notified in Friday Folders and the October Community Newsletter that the appeal is off but we will be back next year.
Vicki asked for people’s thoughts on suspending our meetings and business until further notice next year due to the pandemic, the closure of the Library, the construction of the new Library, and the reduction in programming. All agreed this is a wise course of action. Discussion was held regarding the legality of doing so, and by a unanimous vote 6-0, President Vicki Jones was authorized to contact the Secretary of State to explain the situation. She will ask for guidance on whether it would be sufficient to simply suspend our Bylaws requirement that we hold at least six meetings annually, or whether we should amend our Bylaws and then next year when normal business resumes, amend them again to incorporate the meeting schedule. The suspension of the Bylaws requirement was approved unanimously 6-0 with consensus agreement on whatever guidance Vicki receives from the Secretary of State that will make our suspension of meetings legal under the Bylaws. She will advise. 
Election of officers was held. Vicki was re-elected President and Rick Stanton was re-elected Vice President. It was agreed by the Committee that Vicki and Rick will serve as co-Presidents to share the workload. Secretary Jane Boesch’s two-year term expired, and Nancy Monaghan was elected Secretary. Cynthia Swank’s term as Treasurer does not expire until next year.
Vicki reported she had received an email from Library Trustee Susan Leonardi inquiring what The Friends might be considering for a donation to the new Library. Members agreed unanimously on a vote of 6-0 that we we will wait until next year when the construction is finished. Once the needs are known, we will support in some way to be determined. It was suggested that the Library is now preparing a “wish list” and by next year the situation might be such that The Friends may opt to increase contributions to more programs.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:15.
Minutes prepared 9/19/2020 by Nancy Monaghan